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Flat Brown Rustic DistressedFlat Brown Rustic Distressed
Price: $0.66
Sale Price: $0.46
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60060 $1.40/in. 
Sale Price: $0.70
Width: 2-1/2"
Rabbet: 3/8"

Distressed Walnut w/ Scalloped Gold Lip

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110010 $1.56/in. 
Sale Price: $0.78
Width: 1"
Rabbet: 1-3/4"

Deep Honey Burl Floater for 1 1/2 to 1 5/8" canvas. We recommend when ordering this frame to add 1/2" to the size you need ...

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800170 $0.84/in. 
Sale Price: $0.42
Width: 1-5/8"
Rabbet: 9/16"

Warm Gold w/ Black Scratch

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1300805 $0.64/in. 

Sale Price: $0.32
Width: 3/4"
Rabbet: 1/2"

Small Ant. White w/ Distressed Rubbed

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86570 $0.56/in. 
Sale Price: $0.28
Width: 7/8"
Rabbet: 3/8"

Warm Silver Scratch Subtle Cap

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305370 $1.30/in. 
Sale Price: $0.65
Width: 2-1/8"
Rabbet: 1/2"

Rich Gold/Brown Scoop w/ Gold Beaded Lip

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1300385 $0.66/in. 

Sale Price: $0.33
Width: 1-3/8"
Rabbet: 3/8"

Distressed Ant. White w/ Gold & Black Scratch

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2171605 $0.36/in. 
Sale Price: $0.18
Width: 3/4"
Rabbet: 3/4"

ECO Weathered White w/ Gray Crackles

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