Frame Bucks Are Back!

Pre Purchase Frame Bucks and Get 15% Extra!

Frame Bucks are a great way to pre-purchase this year for tax purposes and utilize those dollars for next year’s orders. These never expire and can be used on any products and shipping on any Franken Frames order.

Another huge advantage is you receive a 15% bonus on what you purchase plus all future specials will also apply to any order placed utilizing the Frame Bucks. It is just like receiving an extra 15% off any order. If we run a special at 20% off next year and you use your Frame Bucks with the 15% bonus it’s like receiving a 35% discount.

Purchase $100  Get $115

Purchase $500 Get $575

Purchase $1000 Get $1150

Take Advantage of this offer 
before 12/31/2021!

As many of you know our current website is not functioning correctly so you must call or e-mail to purchase the Frame Bucks. You can use a credit card, venmo or we can send you a PayPal invoice for the purchase of Frame Bucks.

The New Website is COMING SOON !

Call to order. 800.322.5899
Limited Time Only