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Rigid and Flex Point Driver

Rigid and Flex Point Driver


F500 Dual Point Driver

F500 Dual Point DriverThe F500 Dual Point Driver is unique in that it can shoot Flexible or Rigid points into the frame. It quickly fires the points into the wood frame to secure the glass and artwork. The flex points can be bent again and again to change art, certificates, etc. The Rigid points are for permanent installation. Penetration power is adjustable and points are 5/8" long. 
Item# Description  Price Quantity 
F500 - Dual Point Driver  Flex & Rigid Point Driver - ** 40% OFF ** $149.00
On Sale: $89.00
F5002500 - Flex Points  5/8" Flex Points for the F500 Dual Driver - 2500 Pack $29.95

Pushmate Tool

Tool to install push points to hold glass, mat and backing in the frame. 
Item# Description  Price Quantity 
Push Points  Pack of 100 individual push points. These are installed behind glass, mat and backing to hold them into the frame. $0.95
Pushmate Tool  Used to install push points. Push points are used to hold glass, mat and backing in frame. $14.85

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