Panel Floaters 1/8″ to 3/8″ Thick

Canvas Floater Frames – Panel Floater Frames

Franken Frames offers many styles of floater frames. We have floater frame profiles in a stair step shape which has the float space built in so you simply order the floater the same size as the canvas. The other option is a ” L ” shaped floater and on this style you will have to add for the float space you prefer. This style is adjustable so you can have no float or as much as a 3/4″ float. To add the float space just double the amount you prefer and add this to your canvas size.
We also offer panel floaters or can provide lifters / cradles for any of our canvas floaters so you can achieve a canvas style presentation with a panel. This is a very popular presentation technique.
If you’ve never used one, the canvas floater frame get’s its name from the fact that the canvas floater frame doesn’t have a lip to cover the edge of the painting but instead appears too ‘float’ in the frame. In actuality the painting is anchored to the back of the frame either by offsets or screws not seen from the front.